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PLAYCONOMICS: Principles of Microeconomics
Art Direction – LionsHeart Studios

Multi award tertiary educational game experience


The Game

Fully interactive game experience mad out of multiple island-worlds and their economies. Learn how to set up your economy using real-life examples and watch your community thrive! Unlock new islands, upgrades, power ups and meet new agents as the course progresses. Visit fellow students’ islands via our Island Visit feature where you can take a peak at your neighbors progress!

Screen capture video of game. This educational game is currently in use by multiple universities as part of their microeconomics course.

The game has been played by 10,000 + students in multiple universities to date.

Art Direction – Game Art

I have been involved with this project since the beginning of this current version.

After an initial development study we decided to create this first of the kind education game as a fully 3d experience. The game is separated into individual island worlds to allow for a targeted educational experience. Besides all the art requirements for this projects, I have been heavily involved in the high level design of the game and its future growth. Some key decision early in this project have allow it to remain flexible and ready to be expanded into other supplementary products. 

Art Direction – Marketing

Marketing this innovative new product presented me with a interesting challenge in defying and brand it. As Playconomics is a new type product there are no real points of reference nor defined competition to help inform its potential positioning in the market. However after some initial exploration It became clear which direction I wanted to take this product given its nature. There are a number of marketing  materials to be developed, this brochure became the “style guides” for the rest of the other works.


Australian Government 2016 Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

University of New South Wales Business School 2016 John Prescott Outstanding Teaching Innovation Award

University of New South Wales Business School 2015 Student Choice Award

University of New South Wales Heinz Harant Award for Teaching Innovation

University of New South Wales Vice-Chancellor Award for Excellence in the Use of Learning & Teaching Technologies

University of New South Wales Business School 2013 Student Choice Award

University of New South Wales Business School 2013 Outstanding Technology-Enabled Teaching Innovation Award

University of New South Wales 2013 Innovation Award (top 3 finalist)