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Irrational Games Australia


Tribes: Vengeance
Irrational Games – 2003

Senior Artist.  ( Remote work)

All of the game skyboxes,
terrain texture work and game assets art work.

UDK, 3D Max and Photoshop.


3D Max and Photoshop.

C      H      R      I      S      T      I      A      N            M      A      R      T      I      N      E      Z                L      I      Z      A      M      A

       P   o   r   t   f   o   l   i   o

Freedom Force versus The Third Reich
(Irrational Games – 2003)

Senior Artist.  (remote work)

I got to design a great deal in this project.  It suited the way it was done, by remote senior contractor that would take on mission all by themselves.  Cuba in the 50’s while the missile crisis was going on was an exiting place to be,  and very colorful.

Gamebrio, 3D Max and Photoshop.