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Perception Pty Ltd, Jo Wood
Senior Artist. Level art, art design and lighting. (January 2004 till January 2006)
Level art, R&D, 3d modeling and design.

Senior Artist  РLevel Builder
I worked on this project for 2 year as a senior artist and supervisor.

The SG1 project was split into separated mission specific teams, 12 missions, 3 teams.I was in the team lead for mission 1, 2 and 12. Each mission developing time was of about 4 months each. The teams consisted of 1 team lead, 3 artists, 1 level designer and a coder.
I was responsible for the successful fulfillment of the set milestones, satisfying all requirements set out by the game design document, lead artist and lead game designer.

Level design, art and lighting.
One of the mission i was responsible for was mission or level 12, working directly with the designer i would level art and layout like the court yard section in the video sample. Using this as a guide i would further develop the art assets, request effects, atmospherics, performance and finally the all important lighting.

Research and Development:

R&D was a crucial part of my role at Perception, part of it was initial art concepts (some of them develop further by our concept artist), technical tests and game-play tests.  I would concept with quick sketches, mock up animations and models of the working idea in 3D and in-game tests that would form the base the game at large. (Although not characters)
Design and develop weapons such as the turret and the power gun here.

Design, models and animation.


HUD, Menus and Marketing
I was also handling marketing material such as posters for E3 2004 (the largest 4.5×1.8 meters), as well as screen grabs for numerous websites and magazines, desktop downloadable and the game-box design and logos. Also liaising with the publisher JoWood (Austria), and MGM (holder of the Stargate IP – US) as each marketing piece had to be approved my the MGM marketing department.

Lastly I designed and implemented the art for the HUD and menus for all 3 SKEWs (PC,XBOX and PS2) working closely with coders for each SKEW.